Digital Printing And Mail Go Hand In Hand

I love that we can offer our customers digital printing.  It is fast and the printing is beautiful.  One of the benefits is that we can print  1 brochure, 200 or 5000.  If the quantity is over 5000, it is more economical to run on a conventional offset press.  Maybe the information for a company or organizations changes often, with digital printing the change can be made and new print collateral can be run on the digital press.  I have had so many customers, in the past, who printed large numbers of brochures and then changes need to be made and they were stuck with outdated materials.  Customers can print what they need and if changes are necessary,  they can be easily made.

Digital printing and mailing go hand in hand.  Our digital press can print both sides and address for mailing..all on one pass of the press.  First we sort the list for postal discounts and then we run the post cards in mail stream order.  If the digital press is not booked heavily they can sometimes be printed and mailed in one day. Did I mention that we clean up our customers list FREE by doing a NCOAlink update.

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