Coating The Addressing Area On Post Cards – Don’t Do It!

I rarely write two blogs in one day but this one warrants it.  We want to print all of the things we mail, but that is not always the case.  When the printing is done outside our shop and comes in for mailing we frequently have a problem with UV coating, varnish and other coatings in the addressing area.  The problem is that the ink that we use for  the bar-codes on the direct mail piece will not dry on surfaces with these coatings.  The ink smears, it will not dry and if we sent it to the Post Office like that it would be turned down.  If the direct mail piece comes in with the coating in the addressing area we have to print and them apply a label, which adds extra cost for the customer.  You can apply coating to the piece, but the addressing area must be left un-coated.

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