Line Fork Kentucky

March 25th, 2015

This picture was taken at the Kingdom Come Park in Cumberland Kentucky. The valley below is where my Daddy, Odes Robinette grew up. Kingdom Come is significant because missionaries started a school in Line Fork, where my Daddy attended, and the name of the school, which is still there today, is Kingdom Come School.  When my Daddy was a young man the only way to get to Line Fork was by horse back.  In fact, the first time my Daddy saw my Mother was on horse back, as she had rode over the mountain with some friends.  That area is so beautiful and I have many fond memories of visiting there when I was a child. I was born in Lynch, Kentucky but I was just a baby when my family moved to Oak Ridge, where we lived behind the fence, and Daddy worked for Union Carbide on the Manhattan Project.

New Project

March 11th, 2015

I love when we have a large project in our shop.  We are about to personalize, geo-code, insert and address a direct mail piece in the quantity of 550,000. Sweet! The exciting part is the preparation, processing  any printing that needs to be done and making sure that all machines have had maintenance checks done. With our new NeoPost DS-1200, we can process large mailing at a speed of 12,000 per hour.  Invoicing and statement processing  run at the same high speed.

I Love Technology

March 6th, 2015

Technology is an awesome thing, I love technology. When I first went in the mailing business, labeling was done with a Kirk Rudy labeling machine that glued the labels on the envelope. If the machine malfunctioned it would big leave a big wad of labels that there was no way of recovering. Today we are addressing and inserting with a NeoPost DS-1200 that runs at speeds of 12,000 per hour. If for any reason, we have a problem, we simply recover the address in the computer with no loss of data.
Phyllis Burns, President of Burns Mailing & Printing Phyllis with Neopost

New to Burns Mailing and Printing, Inc.

March 3rd, 2015

I am so excited about Burns moving into invoicing and statement processing. With our state of the art NeoPost DS-1200, we can process invoicing and statement at the speed of 12,000 per hour. Customers can download their data to our secure FTP site and we do the rest. We can print and supply our customers with envelopes and other collateral that they might want to insert, thus making Burns a one-stop convenience.