Printing Multiple Versions Of Post Cards

Post cards that have more than one version can be printed all at the same time.  In the printing world this is called ganging.  The post cards are printed on a larger sheet and then cut out.  This saves money because the customer is only paying for one press set up.  If the information changes, and the post cards cannot be printed at the same time, they can be printed on the digital press, if the quantity is under 5000.  Post cards printed on our digital press can be printed both sides with variable data and addressed at the same time.  Depending on the production schedule, post cards can be printed and mailed in one day.

What is Ganging in the Print World?

In the print world when you print more than one, for instance a post card, on one sheet that is called ganging. It saves money and the post cards can be different. On our digital press we can gang four 5.5×8.5 post cards, that are the same, and print variable data such as the address and a personalized message..all on one pass of the press. This is for runs of 5000 or below. At our shop, larger quantities can be ganged but the variable data has to be added after they are printed.