Seeing The Doctor Via Zoom And Other Thoughts

In March of this year, I had a heart ablation at Vanderbilt for Supra Ventricular Tachycardia. This was my third ablation so I knew what to expect. I had the ablation and in 5 hours I was at my daughter’s house eating dinner with them. The advances in medicine are just mind boggling.

I was supposed to go back to Vanderbilt this week for a check up after surgery. With the COVID 19, that was no possible so today I went to the doctor via Zoom. Online, I updated my medications and paid my co-pay for the visit. The nurse called me and asked questions before the call. I was instructed to the site of the call and told to wait until the doctor got on. The doctor came on and we chatted and he ask me questions. After about 8 minutes it was over.

Is this going to be a thing of the future where we see the doctor online except for serious or emergency situations? I kind of liked it because it saved me from driving to Nashville and going downtown to the hospital.

I am doing a lot of things online these days, such as working from my home. Thanks to the fabulous staff that I have, I am able to do that. Burns Mailing & Printing is an essential service and we have and are still open for business. There is a lot of interest in personal protection equipment such as masks and hand sanitizers, which our promotional sales representative, Suzanne McCarter is handling. Fortunately most of our customers work with us remotely, even in normal times. They send us files, or we design for them, they send us mailing lists and we provide pricing for design, print, mailing labor and postage. Suzanne is providing cost and delivery times for all the products that she represents.

Hope that all of you and your families stay safe.