What Does 2021 Look Like For Non-Profit Organizations

According to an article I read recently, 87% of Americans are expected to donate to non-profit organizations in 2021. 19% plan to give more in 2021. Just think about what life here would be like with out non-profit organizations. There would be no animal shelters, no one serving the homeless, no one helping build homes for those who can’t afford them. The list goes on and on. At Burns Mailing & Printing, we serve many non-profit organizations from volunteer fire departments to rescue ministries. The work that they do amazes me and makes me grateful to be able to serve them.

When you get an appeal from your local non-profit organizations, please consider giving to a cause that speaks to your heart. If you can’t give right away, then save that envelope and consider giving at a later date. The world is a better place because of non-profit organizations.

Events, Branding, And Just Fun Stuff

Now that things are opening up a bit following the worst of the pandemic, folks are starting to think about events, especially our non-profit customers. Events are a big part of their fundraising efforts. I just got an email today that one of my favorite non-profit organizations is having a golf tournament in August.

If you are thinking about having an event for your organization or just need some really cool items to give away with your corporate name, we have just the thing for you. Our website has 800,000 items on it but you don’t have to look through all that, you just have to call our promotional products representative, Suzanne McCarter and she will help you find just the right item.865 584-2265 or suzanne@burnsmp.com.

Strange Beginning To 2020

To say that 2020 was strange is an understatement. It started out with my having ventricular tachycardia. I went to the ER and instead of shocking my heart back into rhythm, they used a drug that stopped my heart for a few seconds. That was not an experience that I would care to repeat. After, I had that episode, I scheduled an appointment with my cardiologist at Vanderbilt. This visit was right before a scheduled trip to Mexico. The cardiologist did not want me going on the trip before he performed a heart ablation. The ablation was scheduled on the 10th and everything went so well that they let me go home that night. Five hours after the ablation, I was having dinner with my family in Brentwood. Our trip was scheduled for March 14th so we left on the 14th and arrived in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. We had a beautiful boat ride from Cancun to the island and arrived on a beautiful sunny Saturday. The accommodations were perfect and we even had two ladies who came in and fixed breakfast for us every day. However, we were monitoring what was going on with the pandemic and decided that the news was getting worse so on Tuesday, we left the island to go back to Nashville. On the way to the boat, the taxi driver told us that Mexico was shutting everything down on Friday. Good thing we made the call to go back home.