What Does 2021 Look Like For Non-Profit Organizations

According to an article I read recently, 87% of Americans are expected to donate to non-profit organizations in 2021. 19% plan to give more in 2021. Just think about what life here would be like with out non-profit organizations. There would be no animal shelters, no one serving the homeless, no one helping build homes for those who can’t afford them. The list goes on and on. At Burns Mailing & Printing, we serve many non-profit organizations from volunteer fire departments to rescue ministries. The work that they do amazes me and makes me grateful to be able to serve them.

When you get an appeal from your local non-profit organizations, please consider giving to a cause that speaks to your heart. If you can’t give right away, then save that envelope and consider giving at a later date. The world is a better place because of non-profit organizations.

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