We Have A Streamline, Efficient Work Flow At Burns Mailing & Printing

Kai, our estimator/production manager
Our production department consists of our presses, digital presses, plate-making and bindery. Our pre-press, press operators and bindery staff have the expertise and experience to guarantee you receive the top=quality printing you expect.
Computer to plate system for fast transition from approval to production.
High quality, four-color process printing
State of the art digital printing with variable data capabilities. We can print and and address at the same time on post cards and mailers.
G7 (GRACoL7) color calibration for true color representation
Full bindery services: cutting, folding, stitching, scoring and perforating.
Check out our website http://www.burnsmp.com or email me at phyllis@burnsmp.com or give us a call at 865 584-2265 We now offer promotional products such as mugs, pens, cups etc. Find them on our website http://www.burnsmp.com.

We Get A Little Crazy Now And Then. Shouldn’t Everybody?

Amy our mailing manager, modeling her tutu that she is wearing for a party for a friend who is getting married.

We may get a little crazy, but we take our customer service very seriously. We handle our customers projects with care as they move through one experienced department to the next. From concept to the mail box is our motto.

We are very excited to be able to offer our customers promotional items now. We have 800,000 products on our website as an ASI distributor. If you are looking for mugs, pens, t-Shirts etc., just visit our website and see for yourself at http://www.burnsmp.com. Click on services and then promotional products, if you don’t want to search for yourself, call me Phyllis Burns at 865 584-2265 or email me at phyllis@burnsmp.com .

Suzanne McCarter Is Joining The Burns Mailing & Printing Sales Force

Suzanne McCarter, new account representative for Burns

I am very pleased to announce that Suzanne McCarter will be joining the Burns Mailing & Printing team August 5th 2019 as an account representative. Suzanne will be specializing in advertising specialty/promotional products but will also be be selling graphic design printing and direct mail. Suzanne has years of experience in sales in the Knoxville area.

Do I Have Great Employees Or What!

Burns kitchen area

I love that my employees show so much initiative. A couple of my employees ask me if they could paint the two bathrooms in our production area and the kitchen area. I said yes, when they had some free time. Wow did they ever do a good job.

I have had customers comment that we have the cleanest printing facility that they have ever been to before.

Come by and visit with us and see for yourself. Burns offers graphic design, printing (both digital and offset), direct mail and advertising specialty/promotional products. Our promotional products are now on our website under services at http://www.burnsmp.com. If you want a free quote call me, Phyllis Burns at 865 584-2265.


Running Four Businesses In One Keeps Me On My Toes

Today, I got an email from my health provider which is geared to my age group (nope I am not saying how old) and it said that playing games is good for the brain. Thank you I have enough activity to keep my brain working for a long time. I am blessed to have a great business because not only do we offer one service or business, but we offer four…printing, graphic design, direct mail and now promotional products. To say the least, it keeps us all on our toes.

visit our website http://www.burnsmp.com to browse 800,000 promotional products.

Each jobs goes through our shop by a job ticket number. It moves smoothly from graphic design, to print production, into our finishing bindery an then on to the mailing department and finally to the U.S. Postal Service. If it is a promotional product it starts the same way, then into the design department and on to the ad specialty vendor for production and finally to the customer. Attention to detail is essential.

Love all of this brain activity, it keeps me young.

Burns Mailing & Printing Is Now An ASI Distributor For Promotional Products

Our website http://www.burnsmp.com has 800,000 promotional products. Click on services and then promotional products to see all that is available.

For years we have taken pride our one-stop convenience for graphic design, printing (both digital and offset) and direct mail. Now with the addition of promotional products, it is even more convenient to find all you need at Burns.

You can call us an tell us what you are looking for, email phyllis@burnsmp.com or make a selection from the website. We will send you information, pricing and delivery time.

For your next event, for promotional products to give to your customer, or for organizations call Burns at 865 584-2265.

Determined Kitty

Sweet little kitty to start my Friday morning

As usual, I am rushing out the door to get to the post office and then to work. I opened the garage door and turned around and this cat was in my garage. I said “now where did you come from?”. I tried to shoo it out but it was having none of that. I petted it and then picked it up and set it outside the garage. As soon as I put it down it ran back into the garage. I picked it up again and took it out into the yard. I backed the car up watching my rear view camera so that I did not run over it. I closed the door and then saw my neighbor in the yard. I got out of the car and asked if he had a cat. He answered, “no but I just saw one run back in your garage.” That sneaky little kitty had run back in the garage while I was watching the rear camera. I opened the garage door again and sure enough out comes the cat. I petted it again and picked it up once more and finally got the garage door closed before it could run back in again. When I was pulling out of my driveway, it was visiting the neighbor next door. I love cats, just not in my garage when I am in a rush.