Kate Just Graduated From Middle School

Kate, my youngest grandchild just graduated from middle school. I know everybody says this, but she has grown up so fast. It is hard to believe that she will be a freshman in high school this fall. After graduation, we had lunch and then two of her friends joined her and we all went to the lake. Three 13 year olds was quite a blast.

Amy Our Company Photographer

Picture courtesy of Amy Motsinger

Amy credits my late husband, Ken Burns, for her interest in photography. Ken loved photography and over the years I had bought him some pretty sophisticated cameras. Amy and Ken would have conversations about the technical aspects of photography. She took this particular photograph with her I-Phone. The cameras are so good on the I Phones now that most people don’t even take a camera when they are vacationing. I know that I don’t. I always have my I Phone with me. My photographs are no where near the level of Ken or Amy but I enjoy taking pictures when I am traveling and of family.