Promotional Products and Non-Profit Organizations

Suzanne McCarter, our sales representative for promotional products

Non-profit organizations are the 5th largest buyers of promotional products in the U.S. If you are looking for promotional items for your event or just to give your clients or customers, call Suzanne McCarter at 865 584-2265 or email her at She has great ideas for your next event.

Where Did The Years Go?

Sam with his guitar.

Tomorrow my grandson, Sam turns 22 and it seems like only yesterday that he was a toddler wanting me to push him on the swing. He graduated college last May and is going on to graduate school next fall. We celebrated his birthday a little early last Sunday and I made him one of his favorite cakes, chocolate chip pound cake. He loves everything chocolate. I mistakenly put one cup of chocolate chips in the cake where it should have been 1/2 cup. He asked me to please make that mistake again because he liked more chocolate chips in the cake.

Burns Mailing & Printing Wins The AAF ‘S Big Wig Awards For Best Fulfillment/Mailing Company For The Second Year In A Row

Suzanne McCarter, Burns Sales Rep. and Phyllis Burns at the 2019 AAF’s Big Wig Awards

I am pleased to announce that Burns Mailing & Printing has won the AAF’s Big Wig award for the best fulfillment/mailing company for 2019. It was a fun event and is meant to showcase the behind the scenes companies in the advertising world. Thanks AAF for hosting this event.

Networking Is A Powerful Tool

This is a Knoxville Women In Networking (KWIN) meeting. We meet once a month and have one on one meetings at each other’s business.

I am blessed to be in several powerful women’s networking groups. What I love the most is getting to know these strong women who are making it in business, either as an owner, or working for a business. We have everything from psychologists to interior decorators and everything in between. It is not all about business, we celebrate occasions, promotions, and achievements. We give advice, when asked and ask for advice if we need it a well.

One of the most significant women that I have met through a networking is my banker, Leslie Godfrey, with Pinnacle Bank. After my husband, Ken, died the large bank I was doing business acted as if I had not been running the company for 4 1/2 years and was actually giving me a hard time. That was not what I needed after just having lost Ken. I called Leslie and within 10 days she had taken over all my accounts and loans and actually saved me a lot of money. We are friends now and go to lunch once a month, just because we like each other. She is much younger than me but we have a lot in common.