Promo Sales Tie Pre-Pandemic Record

Burns is a distributor for Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). and I got some good news this morning. ASI is reporting that promotional product sales tie pre-pandemic record of $25.8 billion. It is reassuring that some things are coming back to normal. “ASI’s findings tell a remarkable comeback story, driven by the agility, resilience and ingenuity of distributor entrepreneurs who powered through a historic downtime to match record sales in record time”. “ASI research shows sales jumped 11.4% year over year, stoked by demand.”

Here at Burns, our promo sales has continued to grow and demand seems to be increasing. Over the last year, our Promotional Product Manager has set up a company store for a large health care company. We stock the items that they select and store them here until authorized employees go to the company store and order them, we then ship them to the various locations. We stock scrubs, backpacks, pens and various other items that this company has selected.

Our sales at Burns has mirrored the ASI trend, especially in promo items for teams, such as this logo and shirts for this team, the Spuds. Our graphics team can create any logo for your company. We offer apparel, embroidery on name brand shirts and much more. Give our Promotional Manager, Suzanne McCarter a call at 865 584-2265 or email her at