Burns Mailing & Printing Team Managers

I am so blessed to have a great team of Managers, from the graphic department, printing production, estimating/planning and mailing.  We have it all under one roof…and it is a big roof! My philosophy has always been.. hire people smarter than you and then get out of their way.  All but one manager was promoted from another department and WOW have they done a great job.  When I have to be away from the business I never worry that things will not be handled at work.  Not only do they handle anything that comes up but our customers love them.  Most of the time the customers go straight to the person that they want to work with here at Burns.  My customers often bring little gifts to our employees.  We have one church that we save boxes that have lids on them for their Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for the poor.  About once a month the ladies bring us cakes, brownies etc.  We love our customers and they seem to appreciate us.  That is the way it should be. We are not Olive Garden but we treat you like family.

Call me at 865 584-2265 or email me at phyllis@burnsmp.com.


Can It Be Monday On Tuesday?

This is what I need on a dreary Tuesday that feels like Monday. However, I realize that everyday cannot be a day in the sun with beautiful water and a tropical drink in my hand.  On days like this I have to stop and be thankful for all the blessings that I have, because they far out weigh any troubles of the day.  We have staff with family emergencies and illness and that is the serious stuff.    It puts things in prospective when you think about the trivial things that pop up daily. So I am not on a beach in Belize but I am blessed.

Snowed In Last Week In Brentwood

I had an appointment in Nashville last week and so I thought I would combine it with a visit to my daughter.  I had the appointment on Monday and this is what I woke up to on Tuesday.  It was beautiful but made it impossible to come back to Knoxville that day.  I actually stayed until Thursday and enjoyed time with my family and especially my 10 year old granddaughter, Kate. She completely amazes me with some of the things that she says such as “you still wear makeup?” and “I will not lose to a Grandma”  when playing UNO, and “I can’t believe that a Grandma is beating me at UNO”. I told her that old age and treachery will get you every time. LOL We had a great time playing and she beat me several time as she is a good UNO player.

A few day off is fun but I was glad to get back into the office this morning and see all of my work family.  We are all trying to avoid the flu but some have already had it.  Come on spring we are ready for you.

If you are over the holidays and have started planning your next printing and mailing project, give me a call at 865 584-2265 or email me at phyllis@burnsmp.com.


I was Born A Coal Miner’s Daughter, But I Could Not Sing So I Went Into Printing

This is a picture of my Dad, Odes Robinette in Lynch KY.  He is the first one on the left.  I was born in 1943 during the war, and coal was essential to the war effort.  My Dad got injured and was released from the mines. Oak Ridge TN (the secret city) had become a boom town because they were building the Atomic Bomb, although no one knew what they were working on.  When my Dad was released from the mines, he got a job at Oak Ridge working for K-25.  None of the workers had any idea of what they were doing but just knew that it was a very closely held secret and if questions were asked you would not have a job.  After we moved from the secret city, we moved to a little community in West Knoxville called Ball Camp.  I attended Ball Camp Elementary and  then Karns High School where I met the love of my life, Ken Burns. We were married 52 years until he passed away in 2014.  Ken started our business Burns Mailing & Printing, in the garage and then moved it to commercial locations until we purchased our present site at 6131 Industrial Heights Dr. in Knoxville.  In 1991 we started offering graphic design and direct mail services. This year marks the 28th year that I have been in printing and mailing. I have a fantastic staff of experienced pressman, trade binders, graphic designers, mailing staff, estimator/planning and accounting.  Because we are operating three businesses in one (graphic design, printing and mailing) each department must know exactly what is required and execute it flawlessly.

Too bad I can not sing, but I do know the printing/mailing business.  Give me a call today at 865 584-2265 or email me at phyllis@burnsmp.com for a free quote. I promise I will not sing to you, unless its your birthday and then I will make an exception.



A Customer’s Endorsement Of Burns Mailing & Printing


I know I’ve emailed before, but I want you to know what an incredible experience I’ve had with Burns and continue to have.   Because of the outstanding customer service, product and quality, we will be transitioning all of our needs to Burns as they arise – ( newsletters, publications, business cards, brochures, etc.)  Your team has made me feel educated and knowledgeable about everything from sizing, cost and turn around times that I will consider Burns to be my go to company from now on.


Thank you, Burns!

Michaele B.

This email kick started my year in a very positive way. Thank you Michaele.