I Am Blessed

I feel very blessed to live in the USA, even with the problems that we have.  Yesterday I got a manicure at a salon where I go frequently and have gotten to know the owners.  They are both from Vietnam.  As he was doing my nails we were talking about my recent trip to the Dominican Republic and I was telling him that it is a poor country.  The people are friendly and the country is beautiful but poor. The average income in the Dominican Republic is around $320.00 per month or 6000 pesos He was telling me that his family supported the USA cause during the war but that after the war, things got pretty bad.  They had no health care and no dental care. He told me that at times they did not have enough to eat but his family took pride in walking their children to school every day.  He likes taking his 5 year old daughter to school every day and walks her to her class room.  This reminds him of his parents walking him to school. One day he peeked in to her classroom and she saw him and she said “go away Daddy”.  At five years of age she wants some independence.

He is so proud to be an American.  If only most of us knew how a lot of people in other countries lived, then they would appreciate what we have in our country. I am also proud to be an American and blessed to live in the USA.

Phyllis Burns, owner of Burns Mailing & Printing, Inc.

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