Events, Branding, And Just Fun Stuff

Now that things are opening up a bit following the worst of the pandemic, folks are starting to think about events, especially our non-profit customers. Events are a big part of their fundraising efforts. I just got an email today that one of my favorite non-profit organizations is having a golf tournament in August.

If you are thinking about having an event for your organization or just need some really cool items to give away with your corporate name, we have just the thing for you. Our website has 800,000 items on it but you don’t have to look through all that, you just have to call our promotional products representative, Suzanne McCarter and she will help you find just the right item.865 584-2265 or

Strange Beginning To 2020

To say that 2020 was strange is an understatement. It started out with my having ventricular tachycardia. I went to the ER and instead of shocking my heart back into rhythm, they used a drug that stopped my heart for a few seconds. That was not an experience that I would care to repeat. After, I had that episode, I scheduled an appointment with my cardiologist at Vanderbilt. This visit was right before a scheduled trip to Mexico. The cardiologist did not want me going on the trip before he performed a heart ablation. The ablation was scheduled on the 10th and everything went so well that they let me go home that night. Five hours after the ablation, I was having dinner with my family in Brentwood. Our trip was scheduled for March 14th so we left on the 14th and arrived in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. We had a beautiful boat ride from Cancun to the island and arrived on a beautiful sunny Saturday. The accommodations were perfect and we even had two ladies who came in and fixed breakfast for us every day. However, we were monitoring what was going on with the pandemic and decided that the news was getting worse so on Tuesday, we left the island to go back to Nashville. On the way to the boat, the taxi driver told us that Mexico was shutting everything down on Friday. Good thing we made the call to go back home.

Milestones – 2021 Will Be The 40th Year For Burns Mailing & Printing

From humble beginnings in our garage, the late Ken Burns started Burns Mailing & Printing. We have come a long way since then. I joined Ken in 1990 as President and I am sure he would be please how far we have come. We have been in our own building at 6131 Industrial Heights Dr. in Knoxville TN since 1994. Ken was very good at printing and anything that needed fixing. In fact, he put two presses that would not run and made one good one that ran for many years. This year we are honored that for the third year in a row we have won the American Advertising Federation’s Big Wig Award for best fulfillment/mailing company. Our owner, Phyllis Burns, won the award for best Printing Representative. Thank you for all who voted for us. Burns specializes in graphic design, printing, direct mail and promotional products.

Ken and Phyllis were high school sweethearts and married for 52 years. One of our favorite songs was Vince Gill’s song that says “if you want to see how true love should be, then just look at us”.

Burns Mailing & Printing Wins AAF Big Wig Awards For Best Mailing/Fulfillment Company for 2020 and Owner, Phyllis Burns Wins Best Printing Representative For 2020

Phyllis Burns with Burns’ awards for best mailing/fulfillment company and for her win for best printing representative.

For the third year in a row Burns has been voted best mailing/fulfillment company by the American Advertising Federation’s Big Wig awards. Thank you for those who voted for Burns and congratulations to all the other the other winners.

Burns specializes in printing, graphic design, direct mail and promotional products.

WOW! Burns Has Been Nominated In 4 Categories for AAF’s Big Wig Awards.

Please show your support and vote for Burns Mailing & Printing! Get your friends, family, and co-workers to vote as well!! – Best Fulfillment/ Direct Mail- Best Printer Rep: Phyllis Burns- Best Printing Company- Best Intern: Paige Muirhead, Graphic Design InternVoting is open until September 30th#aafknoxville#bigwigawards2020#vote#sharewithfriends#thankyouforyoursupport#bestfulfillment#bestprinter#bestintern#bestprintrep

This Will Be A Different July 4th

July 4th in the past has been all about picnics, being with family, gathering with friends and generally celebrating together. This year we will still celebrate but probably just scaled back. I will enjoy our 4th of July parade in my neighborhood as the children ride their bikes, a fire truck will be in the parade and others will be walking. I look forward to this each year as the children ride their bikes and wagons that they have decorated.

Wishing all of you a safe and happy 4th of July.

One Good Thing About Social Distancing

The thing that has been best for my psyche and my health during the pandemic is that I am out walking everyday. At first it was hard and I was lucky to get a mile in and I avoided hills. There are lots of hills in my neighborhood. Every day I added a little more distance and a little more time and started tackling the hills. I have a great place to walk just outside my door as I live on a boulevard but after walking for a few weeks, I walked to the back of our subdivision and that is quite a ways. I am happy to report that this morning I have 66 minutes and 3.4 miles of walking. I am a morning person. If I leave it until the afternoon, forget about it.

I hope that you have found a happy place during this time when eating out, being with friends and going to church are risky.

Burns Mailing & Printing, will be giving away mask and hand sanitizer in the near future. We don’t know the date as of yet but stay tuned. It will be curbside for safety and mask will be worn. We have lots of safety products available such as masks, floor signs, hand sanitizer if your business needs these items. Contact or call 865 584-2265.

Zach Comes To Work With Amy

Zachary Motsinger

Amy Motsinger is our Mailing Manager at Burns Mailing & Printing. Zach is her step-son and he loves to come to work with Amy. When Zach is not in school, having someone to stay with him is sometimes hard to find so Zach comes to work with Amy. . Zach likes to help when he can and he does really well with small tasks assigned to him. Amy says that being in a business environment has helped his people skills. When he is not helping out he loves to set at his desk and play on his tablet. He even has his own name plate. Everyone loves having Zach around.