New Marketing Tools From USPS – This Could Be A Game Changer

We just received news this week about the new feature for Informed Delivery. If you are familiar with Informed Delivery, you know that the USPS scans each piece of mail and send you an email with what is coming in your mailbox. With the new feature, we can set up for our customers a link that when their mail piece is scanned it give the option to click on a link and it takes the viewer to a site of the mailer’s choice. For instance, if I mailed a post card and created a link when the person receiving my post card can click on that link and it would take them to my website The recipient must be signed up for Informed Delivery. This could be a GAME CHANGER for political candidates, restaurants, non-profit organizations and anyone wanting have an additional marketing tool for their organization. The ultimate tool for combining direct mail and digital marketing.

If you want to know more about the Informed Delivery tool, email me at or call 865 584-2265

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