One Good Thing About Social Distancing

The thing that has been best for my psyche and my health during the pandemic is that I am out walking everyday. At first it was hard and I was lucky to get a mile in and I avoided hills. There are lots of hills in my neighborhood. Every day I added a little more distance and a little more time and started tackling the hills. I have a great place to walk just outside my door as I live on a boulevard but after walking for a few weeks, I walked to the back of our subdivision and that is quite a ways. I am happy to report that this morning I have 66 minutes and 3.4 miles of walking. I am a morning person. If I leave it until the afternoon, forget about it.

I hope that you have found a happy place during this time when eating out, being with friends and going to church are risky.

Burns Mailing & Printing, will be giving away mask and hand sanitizer in the near future. We don’t know the date as of yet but stay tuned. It will be curbside for safety and mask will be worn. We have lots of safety products available such as masks, floor signs, hand sanitizer if your business needs these items. Contact or call 865 584-2265.

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