Working From Home

I am usually very optimistic, I see the cup half full instead of half empty, but today has worn on me a little bit. I find that it is hard to keep up with what I should be doing and I have had to step back and evaluate what I am doing. When in the office, I look at the calendar and see what is on my schedule for the day, but I don’t have very much on my schedule during the pandemic. Unstructured time is something new to me as I have worked most of my life and had a set schedule every day.

Phyllis Robinette Burns, President of Burns Mailing & Printing.

One thing that I am doing to help my psyche is walking everyday in my neighborhood. When I first started I could only do about 20 minutes and now I can do 60 minutes and my neighborhood has some serious hills. Today I have 3.7 miles but have done as many as 5 miles.

The reason that I can work from home is that I have a GREAT staff that knows their jobs and they do it very well. I could not do this without them.

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