This Sunday My Church, Ball Camp Baptist, Celebrates Its 223 Year Anniversary

Hard to believe that my church was started in 1797 We are not in the same building but the gathering of the congregation has been constant.

Members of the congregation made the brick and cut the logs to make the first building. The site of the present church was the second log cabin and was built around 1830.

This is the Sunbeam Band in 1950. I am the second from the right. I was 7 years old. It was a missionary group for primary age children. We visited the elderly and had other activities in the church. This church has meant a lot to me in the past and it still does to this day.

In 1972, Mary Martin, a faithful leader in the church wrote the first history of Ball Camp Baptist. She wrote “As you read of some of the worthy deeds of our you try to keep alive the yesterdays in order to enrich the you seek to understand the history of this church, you consider what our Lord has done through the lives of those committed to you see how Jesus has piloted this church over many storms..may your own faith be strengthened that our Lord will continue to guide us safely until He comes again. These words written 48 years ago still ring true today as we journey together in these unknown times.

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