Burns Mailing & Printing Offers From Concept To The Mailbox..All Under One Roof.

The first, and I think one of the most important, things is to consult with a direct mail company (hopefully Burns Mailing & Printing) before the design begins. Making sure that the mailing piece meets all postal regulations will save time and money. Burns can advise you on what paper is best, what size meets your needs and is the most economical cut of the paper. Our graphic designers know all of the postal regulations and can make this process easy. Most of our customers send us the copy, any photos that they want to use and we take care of the design and send a proof out for approval. After approval it goes to our printing department where it can be printed digitally if the quantity is under 10,000 and on our offset presses if the quantity is over that amount. After printing, it goes to our mailing department where we have cleaned up the list to meet all USPS regulations for list hygiene and then on to the United States Postal Service. If you don’t have a list, we can help with finding the right list for your company or organization.

In addition Burns now offers promotional products with over 800,000 products on our website. You don’t have to look at all these products, our promotional products specialist, Suzanne McCarter will meet with you and find a great promotional product for your organization. Call 865 584-2265 or email suzanne@burnsmp.com.

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