Knox Area Rescue Ministries

I had a nice visit with several staff members of KARM. I have been doing business with KARM since 1990. In fact, they were my first non-profit customer and I have had hundreds since then. When I started working for them, it was Union Rescue Ministries and was later changed to KARM.

I had a meeting with them to introduce them to our promotional products because they know that we offer graphic design, printing and direct mail. Suzanne McCarter, our sales representative, for promotional products went with me. She had not been to KARM so they gave us a tour to show Suzanne all the services that they offer. Things have changed since I was on the board of directors many years ago. I was so impressed with the Berea program that they have. It is a program to teach skills so that the participants can get a job. They live in a dorm, wear school shirts and have a common area for relaxing. This is truly a hand up and not a hand out. Not only does it benefit the student but benefits the community by having skilled workers to employ.

I so admire the non-profit agencies because they make such a difference in the lives of those who cannot help themselves. KARM has been doing this for 60 years. Congratulations on a job well done.

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