2019 In Lisbon Portugal

This time last year, I was in Lisbon Portugal with my family. My daughter, Joy Day is our fabulous trip planner. She had researched the traditions for New Year in Portugal. One is that they eat 12 raisins at Midnight for good luck for the 12 months of the coming year. As we were out on the streets, banks and other businesses were giving out a little packet with 12 raisins in them. Some say to throw money inside the house for prosperity and also to eat chocolate to attract riches. Having new underwear on at midnight is another tradition and the color of the underwear indicates what will happen in the coming year; blue – good luck, red – success in love, white – Peace, green – good health, yellow – financial help. Before we left and unknown to all of us, Joy purchased tie died underwear for all of us to wear on New Year’s Eve. She said that she wanted to cover all the bases.

From all of us at Burns Mailing & Printing, we wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year.

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