A Rough Month

On November 16th, my daughter, Kathy Burns Stillman passed away. It was sudden and came as a great shock to me and my family. The support from my daughter Joy and my grandson, Sam helped get through the first week. My grandson Sam gave the eulogy. How he spoke so eloquently and honestly about his mother without breaking down, is still amazing to me. We have had so much kindness, concern, prayers and food provided to us that words cannot express how grateful I am.

Sam and I went to Brentwood, TN to have Thanksgiving with Joy and her family. It was good for all of us to be together. Unfortunately, my 12 year old granddaughter was sick during Thanksgiving but recovered quickly. She did share her virus with me and I have been sick for over two weeks. I came back to work on Monday and am glad to be back in the swing of things at Burns Mailing & Printing.

Thank you to all who were so kind to me and my family in this very difficult time. I am praying for some of my friends and family who have also suffered loss. I am reminded that for some, Christmas will never be the same again. My faith will see me through this rough time.

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