Time To Start Non-Profit Appeals

Non-profits do you ever feel like this when thinking of annual appeals.

You know non-profit appeals can be made easy with the right help. At Burns, most of our non-profit customers send us a word file with the copy and any pictures that they want to use and we handle the rest. First our graphic designers lay-out the letter with the help of our mailing manager, they made sure that everything meets postal regulations and the lay-out that will save our non-profit organizations the most money. The letter is then proofed back to the customer, along with proofs for the envelopes and any other items to be included in the mailing. Upon receipt of the list, we can provide the amount of postage needed to the penny. We then send quotes for the printing and mailing labor. The customer provides us with a desired mailing date and we work with them to try and make their desired mailing date. That is the importance of starting early so that they don’t get in the rush of other non-profits all wanting their appeals mailed at the same time. We have some non-profits who are already gearing up or mailing their appeals now.

We make it easy and our customers know that they have the very lowest postage possible or their mailing. Also we now offer promotional products for their events. This is four good reasons to use Burns Mailing & Printing…Design, Printing (both digital and offset), direct mail and promotional products.

You can reach me, Phyllis Burns, at 865 584-2265 or email me at phyllis@burnsmp.com.

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