Networking, Networking, Networking

This has been a busy week of networking. I am in several networking groups and have made long lasting friendships. The picture is from one that is called KWIN (Knoxville Women In Networking). It is a very supportive group of women who want to see each other succeed. We meet once a month and it is industry specific. I represent printing and mailing and my new account representative, Suzanne McCarter (who is President) represents promotional products. In fact, KWIN is where I met Suzanne. We share some of the personal things going on in our life and when she shared that she was looking for a change, it just fell into place. I believe that God has a plan for us and some things that we think just happened were in God’s plan all along.

I am also a 19 year member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). AFP is a national and international association of non-profit fundraisers. Yesterday we met at Second Harvest Food Bank. I have learned about so many of the needs that non-profit organizations have in fundraising. It has helped me help them because so many of them are my customers also. I have made many friends in the non-profit field in 19 years. They have a passion for people and their community and Knoxville would be a much different city without them. Can you imagine being in a group of more caring people? AFP is responsible for National Philanthropy Day which is November 1st this year at the foundry. . If you are interested in attending go to the AFP website at

What I have benefited most in networking is that I get to hand out with strong women and wonderful non-profit fundraisers who go beyond to help their community. I could not ask for any more than that.

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