Printing Is Not Dead In The Digital Age

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It is assumed that because we are living in the digital world that print must be dead. That could not be further from the truth. I have written about this before but I think it deserves another go around. Canon Print for Actions conducted an independent third-party survey and found that 69% of Americans surveyed felt the constant influx of digital information was overwhelming. I feel this everyday as I try to clean out my inbox with sometimes 50 -60 email messages in my junk email files. They may be in my junk files but i still have to look through them to make sure that a customers email did not accidentally go to spam. On the other hand 55% of Americans surveyed said that printed direct mail was more influential and carried more weight with them.

I am not knocking the digital world, in fact I use both digital and direct mail in my marketing efforts. A lot of our marketing collateral is personalized. The same survey that talked about earlier said that people they surveyed said that they spent more time reviewing direct mail when it was personalized and relevant.

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