Determined Kitty

Sweet little kitty to start my Friday morning

As usual, I am rushing out the door to get to the post office and then to work. I opened the garage door and turned around and this cat was in my garage. I said “now where did you come from?”. I tried to shoo it out but it was having none of that. I petted it and then picked it up and set it outside the garage. As soon as I put it down it ran back into the garage. I picked it up again and took it out into the yard. I backed the car up watching my rear view camera so that I did not run over it. I closed the door and then saw my neighbor in the yard. I got out of the car and asked if he had a cat. He answered, “no but I just saw one run back in your garage.” That sneaky little kitty had run back in the garage while I was watching the rear camera. I opened the garage door again and sure enough out comes the cat. I petted it again and picked it up once more and finally got the garage door closed before it could run back in again. When I was pulling out of my driveway, it was visiting the neighbor next door. I love cats, just not in my garage when I am in a rush.

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