Doing A Mailing Yourself Could Cost You Money NOT save you money.

I recently got a post card in the mail, it was 5.5×8.5 and had a first class stamp on it. I called up the sender and found that they had mailed 3000, putting the stamps and the labels on themselves. That amounts to $1500.00 in postage. Had we mailed them the postage would have been .24 each and the total postage would have been $720.00, a postal savings of $780.00. Not only that they would not have had to run the labels, apply the labels and apply the stamps. Had we printed and mailed them the printing cost would have been $438.60 and the mailing labor would have been $275.00 for a total cost of $713.60. That means that the postal savings would have paid for the printing and mailing labor and still had $66.40 left over.

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