How Does An Old Dog Learn New Tricks

The answer is with great difficulty.  I am so interested in doing social media for my company but there are so many ways to do it and how do I get the most attention on social media?  I started by having someone come to the office and get me started.  Now when I blog it goes to several social media sites.  That is good but is it good enough? I don’t think so.  I have even looked at various training centers in town and from my research I cannot find any classes on social media. I know that there are companies who do this for a living but call me crazy,  I want to do it myself. I did find an online school but there is just something about having a teacher in front of you who can answer questions and I am sure that I would have lots of them.  I will keep plugging along and I am sure that I will get there.  Who knows might one day be a social media expert, NOT.

However, we are good at several things here at Burns Mailing & Printing and that is graphic design, printing and mailing.  Three good reasons to have everything done under one roof..its a big roof.

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