Christmas Lunch at Burns Mailing & Printing, Inc.

Tomorrow is our traditional Christmas lunch at Burns.  This will be my 27th year of celebrating Christmas with my work family and what a great family they are.  Many of my customers comment that it is just like family coming to Burns.  That is what I are striving for is to make our customers feel at home and to make my employees feel part of the Burns family.  It is also a time to reflect on the ones who are not with us in this Christmas season. The one that I miss the most is my late husband Ken Burns (our founder).  He loved getting together with our employees at Thanksgiving and at Christmas. We have also lost some of our  employees including the death of my nephew Scott Dean. We will also miss those who have retired or moved on with their careers.  We hope that you are celebrating with your work family and your families at home.

From all of us at Burns Mailing & Printing, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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