It has been A True Blue Monday At Burns Mailing & Printing Today

Fats Domino had a song back in the 1960 era that was called “Blue Monday”, the lyrics went “blue Monday, I hate blue Monday”, well this has certainly been a blue Monday at Burns Mailing & Printing.  It seems that a local electric company was doing work across the street on Friday afternoon and the broke the cable coming in to our office.  We have Comcast and they were called as we did not know that the electric company was responsible.  They did not come on Friday so when I came in this morning we had no internet, no phones and we could not even make the plates for our presses.  So in essence we were out of business until after lunch.  It got me to thinking about how dependent our business is on technology.  We receive mailing lists, art files and customer correspondence by the internet and that is how we do business.  I do love technology but when it is not working it really is a pain.  We did get some cleaning and filing done today.

If you tried to reach us today, please pardon our being down and give us a call or shoot us an email.  Phyllis Burns 865 584-2265 or


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