Leaking A Little Secret

Thistle Print Artistry is now on ETSY

My little secret is that Burns Mailing & Printing has opened an ETSY shop.  We are calling it Thistle Print Artistry and the shop is named after one of my late husband Ken’s, favorites, the thistle.  He took lots of pictures of thistles.  Also because of Ken’s Scottish heritage, especially the highlands of Scotland, where we fulfilled a dream of his to go to Scotland.

Since we have three graphic designers on staff and the ability to print on demand, we are offering this for people who want custom prints to frame or they can select from our ETSY site.  We have just a few things up on the site but we will be putting much more up in the near future.  One of our favorites is the outline of the State of TN with three stars.  What Tennessean would not like that. They would make great Christmas gifts.  Yes it is time to start thinking of Christmas.

Here is a link to Thistle Print Artistry;  https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThistlePrintArtistry?ref=profile_shopname



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