Its All About The Mailing List

Mailing Lists

To get your finished project into the mail stream, the first thing you will need is your mailing list to get the quantity before printing. You can provide a list or purchase a list. Purchased lists are offered as single-use or multiple-use. They can be targeted based on a wide variety of factors, including zip code, household income, industry, and special interests, etc. List queries we conduct on your behalf are always FREE. This provides a count only. Burns Mailing & Printing will not copy or release your database without your written authorization.

We also provide, at no cost to our customers, a FREE National Change of Address (NCOA) Service and we will provide the Undeliverable, Moved No Forward, or Forwarding Address, to our customers so that they can maintain their mailing lists with the most up-to-date information provided from the U.S. Postal Service. Be sure to update your master list with the NCOA and undeliverables! All NCOA/undeliverables will be flagged for 48 months through the U.S.P.S. After that, the address is no longer flagged and mail will be sent to the old address. It is imperative to keep your database up-to-date to ensure your recipients are recieving your mailings.

When maintaining your own lists, it is important to use relevant headers to label your columns. Keep data separated. Include any extra information for variable data printing in its own columns, such as monetary amounts or dates. If you would like your mailing or letter to be addressed a certain way (Mr. & Mrs. Doe vs. Jane & John Doe), create a separate DEAR column with the special name combination.

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