Looking For A Mailing List? Burns Provides FREE List Counts With Maps To Our Customers.

When looking for a mailing list it is best to have a targeted list.  There are several ways that Burns Mailing & Printing can search for your demographics;

  • Radius Count of your organizations
  • Zip Codes
  • National Searches
  • Demographics such as income, ethnicity, annual sales for businesses, people who give to charities etc. The possibilities are numerous.
  • For realty companies, we can find people who are interested in buying, renters and more.

For radius counts we can provide a map of the area that we have searched. If you have been searching for a hard to find list please call me Phyllis Burns at 865 584-2265 or email me your demographics at phyllis@burnsmp.com

Of course, after deciding on a list, we can design, print and mail your direct mailer.  Since we know postal specifications, our designs meet USPS specifications, we print on paper that will meet USPS specifications and we provide a FREE NCOAlink update, that cleans up the list before mailing.  Why print, pay mailing labor and postage for an address that is never going to be delivered. When all of this is done you will have the lowest possible postage.  IT IS A WIN/WIN SITUATION.

We are conveniently located in West Knoxville, near the United States Postal Service at 6131 Industrial Heights Dr.


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