I Love Pinnacle Bank

It seems strange how our paths meet with someone and we think our paths will never meet again, but we do meet again.  The point to all of this is that over a year ago, I met a young lady, Leslie Godfrey who is a Senior Vice President with Pinnacle Bank.  A couple of friends brought her over to meet me and at the time I was not looking for a new bank, but I really enjoyed meeting her and liked her personality.  An occasion arose that I needed the services that Leslie and Pinnacle Bank provide and I could not be happier with their services.  I changed from a bank that I have been doing business with for years.  Leslie is so responsive to any need that my company has and all the folks at Pinnacle that I have worked with so far have had that “can do” attitude.

Just a shout out to Pinnacle and Leslie.  Just like our employees, we need to let our vendors, banks and suppliers,  know when they are doing a great job.

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