Do Direct Mail Companies Use Direct Mail?

Absolutely, we know that direct mail works and even if the recipient does not need the service offered at the time, they sometimes put it aside so that when they are ready to purchase or use a service that the sender is offering they have the information needed.  In fact, I am working on a direct mail campaign now.  I am targeting businesses within a 2 mile radius of our 6131 Industrial Heights location. The post card will have variable data, not only in the addressing area but in the body of the post card. With our digital press, we can print in color on both sides of the post card with variable data, all on  one pass of the press.

Our graphic design department will design a custom mailer for your company or non-profit organization.  Right now we are offering one hour of graphic design FREE to new customers.  This offer ends May 30th.


Post card for neighborhood campaign





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