Bad Planning When Using Direct Mail Can Be Costly

I have often said that we are professionals who know graphic design, printing and direct mail, however, we don’t always get to advise and plan with our customers.  Sometimes  a project appears on our dock and we are left to figure out if it can be mailed and how to get the lowest postage.  We have seen a brochure that has already been printed with no addressing area left on the brochure.  We ended up putting that one in an envelope.  We have seen coating applied to the addressing area and our inkjet ink will not stick to a coating so we ended up putting a label on that direct mail piece.  We have seen the direct mail piece folded wrong, requiring tabs to go through the USPS machinery.   Does this sound costly to our customer?  You know that it is, and is unnecessary, because with a little planning in advance it could all have been avoided.  If our mailing customer is not printing with us, we will still advise them on the most cost effective way to design and what not to do, when printing.  We will even supply them with templates to make sure enough room is left for addressing.  This insures that they will meet all postal regulations and have the lowest postage when we present the mailing at the post office. Consulting with our customers is a FREE service at Burns Mailing & Printing, Inc.

Of course, we would like to do the entire project starting with planning, graphic design, printing and direct mail services.  A lot of my customers want me to help them with lists, I have if fact, helped four customers this morning with working out their lists.  The list is probably the most important aspect of direct mail because if the list is not directed to the desired market, all other components of the mailing are a waste of time and money.

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