Planning A Successful Mail Campaign

Planning a successful mail campaign can be stressful if you have to find a graphic designer, then a printer and then a direct mailing company.  If you design the post card or other direct mail piece, do you have a designer who knows United States Postal Service requirements, is it on paper that meets United States Postal Service requirements, or have you left enough space for addressing and have you put coating on the addressing area?  These are all things that can come back to haunt you.

Recently, I went to a customer’s business and sat down with him about the direct mail campaign.  My designer went with me to get an idea of what he wants to project to the person receiving his post card.  We discussed what area he wanted to mail to and did several demographic list counts before coming up with his target market.  After he approves the design, we will print and mail.  He will have the assurance that his design is exactly the way that he wants it, that the demographics on his list is what he wants and that he is getting the lowest postage possible.

I suggest that you meet with the company that can do all of those things under one roof.  Design, printing and direct mail.

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