When Does Digital Printing Make Sense?

Digital printing has changed the way that people do business but it is not for every job.  Digital printing is perfect for small quantities up to 5000 but if the quantity is larger then a conventional offset press is the best choice.  For our customers who want to print a brochure, post card, invitation, even some non-profit appeals, in smaller quantities, the digital press is the way to go.  One thing that you may not know about a digital press vs a conventional press is that the inks are not the same.  Digital printing uses toner based and conventional offset uses ink.  The toner sets on the paper but the conventional ink is absorbed into the paper.  If a customer had a smaller quantity and then decided that they wanted a much larger quantity, the two would not look the same.

With our Print Shop Mail software, we are able to address post cards and flyers as we print them.  This makes for a quick turn around, if the press is not booked, and allows us to print and mail in one day.  My staff does not like me to say that because they think all our customers will want to print and mail in one day, but some times we can accommodate a one day turn around.

Burns Mailing & Printing is a State of TN certified Women Business Enterprise, certificate 072706-01


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