What Customers Are Saying About Burns Mailing & Printing

We have customers that we have been working with for years.  We serve a lot of non-profit organizations.  Recently one of my non-profit organizations called and the person who had been in charge of their appeals had recently left.  They were left with trying to figure out what all needed to be done to get out a spring appeal.  We sent them the letter they had used last year, the mailing list that they had used last year and instructions on what the should submit to us for the mailing.  Below is their comment on our services;
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with you guys! You are taking SUCH a load off of my mind.
Yes, you have my approval to proceed!

We want a long time relationship with our customers.  This may be a cliche but it is truly a win/win situation.

phyllis@burnsmp.com or call 865 584-2265

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