Online Or Offline Marketing?


I have observed that some organizations think that on-line marketing can replace off-line marketing.  I serve a lot of non-profit organizations and when on-line marketing became very popular they decided that they could do away with off-line marketing.  Some of them decided to place their newsletter on-line and do away with mailing them. There donations dropped considerably. I think it was because a lot of folks don’t read blast emails and they soon get relegated to the trash folder or get filter by spam protection. Also there was no convenient envelope for them to send in their donation or save it for a later date.  It is important for the recipient to have a convenient vehicle to use.

My opinion is that you should use both on-line and off-line marketing.  When using off-line marketing the mailing should be personalized.  If someone has given money to an organization, they want to know that you, at least, know their name. Studies have shown that direct mail is the preferred way to receive communications because it is a trusted communication channel.

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