If You Want To Use Direct Mail To Market Your Organization, Wouldn’t You Want A Company That Does It All In One Place?

Direct mail involves many steps from conception to the mail box.  Meeting with a company that is knowledgeable in graphic design, printing and direct mail should be the first step.  At Burns we sit down with our customers and help them with the best design, one that meets USPS mail specifications, select paper that best represents their ideas and the best fit for either digital print or convention offset.  If it is a post card and the quantity is less than 5000, we can print and address the post cards all on one pass of the press.  This means we can get them out quickly and if the press is not too heavily booked, mail in one day. If a list is needed we find out what demographics are needed and provide our customers with a FREE list count.

Finally, after all the planning is done, we provide our customer with the cost of the entire project, before they commit to anything. When we receive the list we can provide postage cost to the penny.

If you have not experienced the one-stop convenience of Burns Mailing & Printing, call me today to set up a direct mail consultation.  The consultation is FREE to our customers.

Phyllis Burns – 865 584-2265 or email me at phyllis@burnsmp.com

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