Budgeting For Direct Mail For 2017

The first of the year is a time to plan for the coming year.  Planning for the year’s direct mail is essential to a comprehensive marketing plan.  When do you plan to mail, quarterly, monthly or weekly.  What are your goals for the mailing.  Is your mailing list up to date and has it been cleaned up.  It is a total waste of money to mail to an address that is bad or your customer no longer lives at that address.  Burns Mailing & Printing, Inc. can help you budget and plan your direct mail for a year.  We offer FREE NCOAlink updates to all our customers.  This is the national change of address database maintained by the USPS.  In most cases, if someone has moved we can find their forwarding address if it is still in the USPS database.

Give me a call today to schedule a FREE consultation on your 2017 direct mail campaigns. 865 584-2265 or email at phyllis@burnsmp.com.


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