Why Buying From Local Business is Important To Everyone In Our Community

I got some sad news this week about a local printer going out of business.  This is a printing business that has been in business for over 40 years.  It was the business that my late husband, Ken Burns worked at when we moved back to Knoxville from Atlanta.  Why am I sad that a fellow printer has gone out of business, isn’t that my competition?  First I am sad because I know the owners and they are friends and they know the printing business as well as anyone I know.  I am sad because I think of the years that they put into the business and the struggles that all small businesses have on a daily basis.  I am sad for the employees who lost their jobs and at a bad time of the year to lose a job.

So please, please,  shop local businesses when you need a product or service, because the next time you need a local business there is a possibility that they might not be there for you.  Local businesses put money back into the community and that is good for everyone. Lets keep the money in our community when ever possible.


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