Christmas Traditions

I have been working on a cookbook for my son-in-law’s law firm.  I am contributing a few recipes of my own and as I got the scraps of recipes that I have cooked for so many years, I looked at them and they were all stained and tattered.  You can certainly tell in my collection of recipes which ones I have used over and over.  I am sharing one today that was passed on to me many years ago by my sister-in-law, Margaret Burns.  It was given to her by a family friend that we called Granny Caldwell.  Granny Caldwell lived on my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s property before she died.  They live near Charlotte, NC.  There were several benefits to knowing Granny Caldwell.  First is the recipes that she handed down and that I have continued to hand down to family.  Then there was the fact that if you went to eat at our favorite seafood restaurant and you had Granny Caldwell with you, you moved to the head of the line.  You see there was always a line at the restaurant but Granny’s relatives ran the restaurant and they would just come out and get her and bring her and anyone with her in for immediate seating. I remember Granny fondly when I make this cake that she handed down to us.


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