It is that time of year when Volunteer Ministry Center has their Holiday Store.

Burns Mailing & Printing is proud to participate in this very worth cause.

For the 20th year, The Volunteer Ministry Center will host the Annual Holiday

Store program. It is a remarkable effort to enable those without Christmas shopping

money to “earn” gifts for their loved ones by using their time and muscle to complete

community service work which pays in points, redeemable at the Holiday Store.

Community service opportunities are completed at various sites.

merchandise suitable for gift giving. Many young parents shop the store, delighted

to have the opportunity to select a Barbie doll or a train set for their child. And while

toys are certainly the most requested items, many shoppers are also interested in

procuring gifts for adults they love as well.

The Holiday Store is always in need of donations of new items for stock. Items which

are in particular demand are Barbie dolls, new sports balls and equipment and other

toys. Adult items include fragrance sets, small kitchen appliances and tool sets. Any

new item appropriate for gift giving will be gladly accepted at the VMC office at 511 North Broadway.

Download List Of Needed Items

Holiday Store

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