Making Memories


Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love to travel.  It doesn’t matter where (as long as it is not dangerous) and I don’t usually pick the places that I visit because I go with my daughter and her family.  They say “do you want” and I say yes before they can finish telling me where we are going.  I love learning about the culture, the food and the people.  I usually have a travel book on the place I am going to visit and try to find out as much as I can about the region.  Usually our trips are adventurous as I have white water rafter in Costa Rica and cave tubed in Belize. I did draw a line at zip lining.

My granddaughter recently got married in Minneapolis and I had never been to MN.  One of the things I did not know was that MN is known for growing wild rice.  I discovered this when I had the wild rice and chicken soup that was served in every restaurant that we ate.  Just to make sure that I liked it as much as I first thought, I had it four times.  Yesterday I got on line and ordered some MN wild rice and got a recipe.  I am going to make some at home and see if I do as well as they do in MN.  Food is big on our agenda when traveling, because my daughter, Joy, is a foodie.  She researches restaurants and we eat at places where she knows the food will be great.  Our next big adventure will be to Seville Spain, which is famous for its flamenco dancers.  That is one adventure that I probably won’t be participating in but who knows.  I do love adventures.


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