Biggest Mistake Non-Profit Organizations Make On Mailing

In my opinion, the biggest mistake that non-profit organizations make is not including a reply device and envelope in their mailings.  Don’t rely on donors to go to the website and make a donation.  The website should be given as a method of donating but many people will not donate on the web. However, if they have a reply envelope to mail back, it makes it very easy for them.  Also, some people may put the mailing aside and decide to donate at a later date.  I have heard so many of my non-profit customers say that they got a donation from a mailing months or even years after the mailing was sent out. The reply envelope can be coded to keep track of the date and type of mailing.

At Burns Mailing & Printing, Inc. this is our busiest season for non-profit mail because the fall, Christmas and end of year if the giving season.  Email me for a FREE estimate if your organization is planning a fall appeal, at

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