Concept to Mailbox – It Is Complicated

For someone who is not familiar with designing for mailing, postal regulations, printing and getting the very lowest postage, it is a daunting task without the help of a professional.  We have had mail pieces that were printed and designed somewhere else that we could not mail because of the USPS regulations not being met.  I have been working on a mailing for almost a month now with a long term customer.  We started out searching his demographics in several states.  At Burns we do list counts for FREE and send them to the customer to look over.  After the customer decides where and how many they want to mail the process goes something like this.

  • List is purchased or the customer sends me their list and postage to the penny is determined. A FREE NCOAlink update is done on all lists.
  • Design is customized at the customers direction.  All USPS postal regulations have been met.
  • Proofs are sent and then approved by the customer.
  • Printing is done using the correct paper to meet USPS regulations
  • The mailing is address using the intelligent bar-code to speed delivery and sorted for postal savings
  • The mailing is taken to the Post Office.

Burns can make this an easy process for our customers.  Let the professionals at Burns make your next mailing, hassle free. Email me for a FREE estimate.

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