A Wedding In Minneapolis

I just got back to work today from my granddaughter Sarah’s wedding.  Congratulations to Sarah and Dante DeSeranno. What a beautiful wedding.

I had never been to Minneapolis before and found it to be a very interesting place.  I loved the little local shops such as Candyland, where you can buy all kinds of popcorn.  My favorite is the carmel corn.  One thing that I did not know is that MN grows a lot of wild rice.  You can get wild rice and chicken soup in just about every restaurant, as it is a local favorite.  I had it at least four times while I was there, it is that good. I like the fact that there were not a lot of chains restaurants where we were staying.  There are restaurants that have been around for years such as the Hen House where you can get cinnamon rolls that are huge, fresh baked and smelling so good when you walk in the door. I loved that they have such a good transportation system such as the light rail and metro buses everywhere.  However, we walked almost everywhere we went.  We had to do a lot of walking just to get rid of the calories from the wild rice and chicken soup and the cinnamon rolls, not to mention the carmel corn.

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