A Good Day For A Picnic


Yesterday, we all took a break and had hot dogs, chili and the fixings in our parking lot.  It was a beautiful day and the fresh air and camaraderie did us all good.  At burns we have a great team.  Everyone knows their job and they do it well.  If you stop to think about it..we are actually running three businesses in one.  Attention to detail must be made in every department.  Our graphics department knows mailing specifications and in doing so obtains the lowest postage for our customers.  Our mailing department checks everything that is designed before printing to make sure that the design will be accepted by the USPS.  Our printing department employees has been printing for years and are familiar with all of our customers.

If you want a company that can take your direct mail from concept to the mail box, give us a call.  865 584-2265 or email phyllis@burnsmp.com.


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